No Threshold

This collection of images develops a poetic practice that investigates the place of the encounter of the sea with the beach and its relation with the presence or absence of the human. Expressing this encounter with photography.

The images make reference to the transitoriness of this place where the border between land and the sea never stays in the same point. The tide moves them all the time.



The most relevant concepts aqui worked on are transience, the singularity, the limit of life ...

Having been to the beach all my life, this is my space of observation, investigation, and immersion. And in photography and other languages ​​What appeals to me is to observe the disruptions caused by the action of nature as the tide or the wind and the man. To photograph is to choose places, objects, fragments that before the camera are organized and revalorized, acquire a new meaning.

These random elements that present themselves as chaotic indeed are not the observation of a larger plane and a temporal sequence that establishes a given arrangement of things, at a given instant.