Learning Activities

In my training in Arts I highlight the course of Industrial Design at FAAP, and Degree in Plastic Arts at Santa Marcelina College. I participated in the Winter Festival of Campos de Jordão in 1983, where this participation gave me the meeting with Hudinilson Jr and Xerox, Lula and Mamulengo, Guto Lacaz and video among other masters and languages.

I majored in Art Museums at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

In 2017 I participated in the Collective in Madalena CEI developing research in Photography and this year I am developing research in engraving in the workshop of the Museum Lasar Segal with Paulo Pena.

Artistic Activities

My artistic production is predominantly on paper and has a strong relationship with the pedagogical activities that I have developed as a teacher. The most used techniques are drawing, gouache, woodcut, photography. The drawing is constant, and in this, the search for light by lines, textures and colors. With the fusing works I leave the paper and the two-dimensional, but the pursuit of drawing, light, texture remains. I held some collective and individual exhibitions. Lately I've been focusing more on photography, both on new clicks and reviewing my past production, and it's in this dialogue between past, present and future that I'm looking for a line that can characterize a more consistent expression work. In these years all the images that I produced more were of São Paulo and Bertioga; I traveled a little and therefore little photographed out of it and my initial work sought to portray these two places. In São Paulo, I looked mainly for its geometric aesthetics, the drawing of the city, less people and their movements, and more that instant, that angle, that framework. In Bertioga it was more the organic, the movement, the wind and the wave, the changes of color.

Over time other issues were appearing and local characteristics were thinning. One of the issues was the search for a dialogue with painting. What is the border? Is this possible? I tried to photograph the plan and from the absence of the perspective in the photo, I tried to assume the plane of the paper. I also tried to overcome this limit by "painting" from photographs.

Today I am developing two main themes called Chaos and "Still Life". I call Chaos a set of recent photographs and some earlier ones with reference to the theory of chaotic systems that says that the apparent disorder occurs not by the absence of a computer system but by the great complexity of the system and its instability in time. The photographic click reveals a singularity at a certain moment. It is true that all artistic creation can be thought of as the contradiction between order and disorder, but I do not seek here to prove the theory but a poetic singularity in search of beauty, balance and elegance.

The other idea that leads my creative process dialogues with the genre of Still Life painting and I call it "Sobre a Mesa". In this genre painted objects are usually on a table, but I extend this idea to other possible supports, even the floor. I present the objects as if they were to be tasted.


- 1975 - Participation in the 1st Art Hall of São Paulo University - FAAP.

- 1979 - Exhibition of Prints at the Women's Club of Alfa Ville.

- XXI Annual Exhibition of the Higher School of Arts Santa Marcelina.

- 1980 - Exhibition of collage in the Arts Center Shopping-News.

- 2011 - Exhibition of Ikebana, Celebrating 550 years of Ikebana Ikenobo Pioneer Educational Center.

- 2012 - Exhibition of Ikebana at Centro Cultural São Paulo.

- 2011- Exhibition of Ikebana Celebrating 550 years of Ikebana Ikenobo Center.

- 2013 - Exhibition of Ikebana Travessia 105 years - at Centro Cultural São Paulo.

- 2013 - Ikebana Exhibition at the Pioneer Educational Center.

- 2014 - Exhibition of Ikebana A flower, an emotion at Centro Cultural São Paulo.

- 2017 - Collective Exhibition Fragments of Color - Cultural Space Jorge Amado Theater - Pituba - Salvador - BA.

- 2017 - Gala Exhibition in Black, White, Silver and Transparent at the Sports Art Gallery Club Pinheiros.

- 2018 - Exhibition at the VIII International Visual Arts Hall - Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo - receiving Bronze Medal in Photography with work Chaos.